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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
From My Inner 12-Year-Old
by Betty Jo Tucker

Dear Cindy,

Iím so lonesome since you moved away. Wish you could have been here yesterday for my 12th birthday party. Mom took us all to see The Princess Diaries 2: Return Engagement and we didnít want it to end! It was awesome. Princess Mia looks very grown up now after graduating from college -- but sheís still funny and klutzy sometimes when she should be all dignified and stuff. I couldnít help laughing when she tried to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and hit everything but the target. Some of Miaís weird hairdos had most of the audience laughing a lot too.    

And guess what? Miaís grandmother, Queen Clarisse, is retiring. No kidding! And Mia has to find someone to marry or she wonít get to be queen. You should see Nicholas, the yummy guy whoíll be crowned king unless Mia finds a husband. I was very disappointed when Mia got engaged to a boring Duke instead of to Nicholas.

I hope you get to see this movie, Cindy. Youíll get a kick out of  the slumber party Mia puts on to celebrate her 21st birthday! She invites princesses from all over the world -- and they go mattress surfing right in the main part of the castle. It looked like a lot of fun to me, but Mom didnít seem to like that part of the film. To tell you the truth, I think Mom was disappointed because Queen Clarisse and her bodyguard didnít dance together as long as they did in the first movie. 

Don't worry, I wonít spill the beans about how things come out and spoil everything for you. Still, maybe you can already guess what the happy ending will be? I know it didnít take me long to figure out what was going to happen.

This is a very cute movie, Cindy, much better than the first Princess Diaries. I really liked the pretty clothes Mia and her grandmother wore for all their grand occasions. It was also fun watching Queen Clarisse sing with Raven, who plays one of the princesses attending the slumber party. And you might not believe this, but even the pets (a cat and a poodle!) wear tiaras. They really do! Well, okay, only in one little scene. Anyway, we all clapped at the end because we had such a good time watching Princess Mia again.

PLEASE write soon and tell me how you are doing.

Your best friend,


(Released by Walt Disney Pictures and rated ďGĒ for general audiences.)          

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