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Superb Artistry - By James Colt Harrison
Animation has come a long way. When the first film The Lion King was made in 1994, the traditional, hand-made animation method was used. Today the Disney Studio used the latest technology of photorealisitic computer-animated equipment. This new, astounding method makes... MORE >>
Pure Flesh-Eating B-Movie Delight
By Frank Wilkins
What could be worse than being in Florida with a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on the state? No, the answer is not “waking up to discover that you now live in Boca Raton.” The answer we’re looking for is to awaken from the nightmare of your neighborhood now being infested with hungry... MORE >>
Guns and Doses - By Betty Jo Tucker
If you are an injured murder suspect, who would you like to take with you during your escape from a hospital? In Point Blank, the answer is a male ER nurse who knows how to help you stay relatively pain free. Of course, persuading that guy to go along wouldn’t be easy. Someone... MORE >>
Let It Be - By Betty Jo Tucker
Put yourself in Jack Malik’s strange situation. Recovering from a motorcycle accident that happened during a power outage, this songwriter/singer discovers he’s the only one who remembers the Beatles or any of their tunes. What would you do? Yesterday shows what Jack decides... MORE >>

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Latest Features
Those Were the Days - By Betty Jo Tucker
During grade school, my cousins and I spent most of our weekends at the Clyne and Avalon, two Pueblo movie houses located across the street from each other in a working class neighborhood called Bessemer. Both theaters always scheduled a double feature plus “added attractions”... MORE >>
For James Cagney Fans - By James Colt Harrison
 Nobody who grew up in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen area was a pansy. At least you couldn’t be and survive. James Cagney found that out after being born there in 1899. It was the era of immigrants flocking to New York. There were Italian areas, Jewish areas, Irish areas and so... MORE >>

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Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood

Grab-Bag Review
Man of a Dozen Faces
Cannes and now American-premičre New York Film Festival Holy Motors is impossible to categorize beyond wild black humor. Memory and past-present; ruthless capitalism, spewing factories, obsolescence; beauty and beast, lust,... MORE >>
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  7/2/2019 VHS DVD
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  6/25/2019 VHS DVD
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  6/11/2019 VHS DVD
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