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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Making Your Own Movie
by Betty Jo Tucker

James Franco -- as weíve never seen him before -- steals the show playing Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, based on a true story.  Back in 2003, Wiseau made a film called The Room, which has been called ďthe Citizen Kane of bad movies.Ē Francoís hilarious offering deals with this particular filmmaking adventure. Franco served as director, producer and star of The Disaster Artist, and he even hired his brother Dave to play the key role of Wiseauís friend, Greg Sestero.

Itís great fun to see James Franco play a character like Wiseau, a manic guy with long hair and an accent no one can identify. His face also looks different, so something must have been done to achieve that change. Whatever was done, it definitely works!   

FULL DISCLOSURE: I absolutely love movies about making movies. For example, Singiní in the Rain is my all-time favorite film. Also, Iíve recently had some experience in the filmmaking process and enjoyed every minute of it, no matter what problems came up. So Iím probably not completely objective about The Disaster Artist.   

Knowing about all that now, you probably understand why I had to write a poem about this movie.     

Tommy and Greg become good friends

in an acting class before it ends.

To make it big is what they vow.

Where should they go? Both ponder now.


Itís Hollywood, as we all know.

So off they go with hopes in tow.

They want to be like great James Dean.

Chances for that seem rather lean.


Then Tommy says heís got the cash

to make their own film. It wonít crash.

He writes the script, hires cast and crew.

He even plays the lead role too.


Will this flick be a big success

or end up just a silly mess?

The answer lies in viewers eyes.

And that could be a big surprise.

One of the highlights from The Disaster Artist involves Tommy (Franco) performing a scene from A Streetcar Named Desire. Marlon Brando must be spinning in his grave! I also couldnít stop laughing when Tommy messed up simple lines during filming, even though he wrote the darn script.

Everyone in this comedy seems to be enjoying themselves. The fine supporting cast includes Seth Rogen, Josh Hutcherson, Paul Scheer, Alison Brie and Ari Graynor.  But  itís hard to take your eyes off Francoís Tommy. Despite his flaws, we want him to succeed because of his big heart. 

Kudos to Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber for their amusing screenplay adaptation of Greg Sestero's memoir and to producer/director James Franco for his decision to undertake this entertaining project.

(Released by A24 and rated ďRĒ for language throughout and some sexuality/nudity.)

For more information about The Disaster Artist, go to the IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes website.

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