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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Being a Kid Again
by Betty Jo Tucker

After seeing Trolls, I kept smiling for a very long time. Everything about this animated movie musical delighted me, but especially the song and dance numbers. The look of the film also charmed me completely. Lots of color, cute characters, and zippy action helps move the simple plot along. Of course, a movie musical doesn’t need much plot – and this one is very easy to follow. It’s about the Trolls vs. Bergens (ogre-like creatures). Happily, a romance between the most optimistic Troll (Poppy) and the most cynical one (Branch) gets thrown into the mix, which gives lucky viewers a chance to hear how wonderful Anna Hendricks and Justin Timberlake sound singing together.    


Happiness is the “Trolls” movie

for bringing out the child in me.

It perked me up and gave me zing.

I wanted just to dance and sing.


Like kiddies in the audience,

my feelings were not on the fence.

I sided with those little Trolls

and feared they might end up as rolls.


Bigger creatures seek Trolls to eat.

They’re never happy or even neat.

It takes Poppy, a Troll princess

and her helpers to fix this mess.


And all along there’s music great

with A. Kendricks and Timberlake,

voices together that sound grand.

Let’s give them both rousing hand!


Speaking of a rousing hand, young members of the audience at the screening my husband and I attended clapped for Trolls at the end. We haven’t seen that much enthusiasm for a movie lately. Naturally, we applauded this animated gem right along with the kids.

It’s remarkable how different each little Troll appears here. And their long, colorful hair assumes importance as the story moves along. The Bergen monsters are funny looking but also a bit scary. These two creature groups emerge as perfect visual and emotional opposites. Is there a chance they can come together peacefully?

If so, it will take the ultra-positive Princess Poppy (Hendricks) and her cynical Troll friend (Timberlake) plus the entire Troll nation working together in a daring rescue mission to save the day. But they might have to call on a love-sick Bergen for help with this important undertaking. 

For me, the musical highlights in Trolls include “Sound of Silence” and “True Colors.” I love the creative way these numbers are presented. But there are many others I also enjoyed. I understand that Timberlake served as the film’s music supervisor. Well done, Justin! 

(Released by DreamWorks Animation and rated “PG” for mild rude humor.)

For more information about Trolls, go to the IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes website.

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