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Rated 3.73 stars
by 82 people

ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Not a Pretty Sight
by Betty Jo Tucker

Sole Proprietor stars Dan Eberle, who also wrote and directed and produced this contemporary noir offering. The movie is not a pretty sight, but that’s why many film noir fans will probably enjoy it. The highlight of the film for me is Eberle’s enigmatic performance. Playing a CIA contractor who wants a new identity, he’s like Jason Statham on Xanax -- until he’s not. And then, pow! He soon finds himself in the middle of a murder conspiracy involving a pimp, corrupt police, and cartel members.

He fakes his death to get away

from his work for the CIA.

Who will he be now? Wait and see.

He probably won’t be happy.

Film noir this is, so watch the gal.

She may not end up as his pal.

Sexy and smart, she knows her art.

But is she true and pure of heart?

Camera work fits this dark tale.

Its shots and angles do not fail

to project an intriguing feel

of danger that seems all too real.  

It’s hard to tell what’s happening.

But eyes are glued to every scene.

Kudos to Alexandra Hellquist (Bobby’s Girl) for her stunning portrayal of the sex worker our leading man gets involved with. She’s quite photogenic and convincing! Very interesting screen chemistry happens in her scenes with Eberle. I am also impressed by Nick Bixby’s (Pop Meets the Void ) haunting performance as a corrupt detective.

Although I had trouble hearing some of the dialogue, that did not hamper my fascination with the ebb and flow of this dramatic story. The noirish cinematography and excellent performances held my interest. And the film’s exciting final scenes surprised me because of their disturbing nature, but they are perfect for this type of movie.        

Despite its dark subject matter, Sole Proprietor emerges as a thought-provoking film about such important concerns as principles, autonomy, betrayal, and sacrifice

One difference between film noir and more straightforward crime pictures is that noir is more open to human flaws and likes to embed them in twisty plot lines.

--- Roger Ebert

 As long as life disappoints, men and women betray each other, and what we need gets us killed, there'll always be film noir.

--- Charles Pappas

(Released by Insurgent Pictures. Not rated by MPAA -- but the film includes violence, strong language, drug usage, nudity and graphic sexual situations.)

For more information about Sole Proprietor, go to the IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes website.

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