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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Domestic Terrorism Exposed
by Betty Jo Tucker

Imperium takes us on a jaw-dropping journey through the white supremacy culture in the U.S.A. I found the movie both hard to watch and fascinating at the same time. And I felt sorry for Nate Foster, an idealistic FBI analyst, who accepts a highly dangerous assignment.

Undercover work can be tough.

In fact, things do get very rough.

Nate’s first assignment makes him see

that it will not be so easy.


Befriend white racists, if he can.  

Then report back about their plan.

Imperium shows Nate’s progress.

Success some days, others a mess.     


As Nate, Daniel Radcliffe excels.

He makes us forget Harry’s spells.    

Acting with her applauded ways,

Toni Collette his handler plays.


This film is based on events true.

The time for telling seems past due.

Imperium reveals a lot

that’s best to know instead of not.

Played convincingly by Radcliffe (with a whole new look), Nate makes friends with people who believe “diversity” is a code word for white genocide. And he learns about their secret terrorist plot. All the while he must stick with his new identity as a former Marine with weapons and explosives expertise -- and somehow maintain his own moral compass. It’s a tricky assignment indeed. Nate slips up a couple of times, but his intelligence and ability to adapt serve him well in these situations. And he is lucky to have fellow FBI colleague, Angela Zamparo (Collette), in his corner. Kudos to Collette for the way she endows Angela with such a caring attitude toward Nate as well as special dedication to his mission.       

Director Daniel Ragussis also wrote the intriguing screenplay, which he adapted from Michael German’s story. German served as an FBI undercover agent -- and this film is based on his experiences. I did not realize that white supremacists were still so active today. That’s scary.  

In addition to Radcliffe’s performance, an Imperium highlight involves Sam Trammell (from TV’s True Blood) as Gerry Conway, a friendly family man who bonds with Nate during intellectual discussions and listening to classical music. This character seems like such a contrast to the skinheads Nate has also befriended. But Trammell’s Gerry reveals his true colors when he shows Nate how he plans to protect his children from the “mud people.”    

Imperium may not be a movie for everyone. However, if you enjoyed American History X or The Infiltrator, it’s definitely worth seeing.

(Released by Lionsgate Premiere and rated “R” for language throughout.)

For more information about Imperium, go to the IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes website.

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