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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
I Rest My Case
by Betty Jo Tucker

Daughter of God held me spellbound.

Ana Armas, a star is found.

The camera loves her look so dear

as she projects both love and fear.


She plays the role of Isabel,

key to the story the film will tell.

But in Exposed she lost the time

that went instead to solving crime.


This director’s cut wins by far.

Exposed is just not up to par.

No wonder it confused me so.

Release this cut, so others know.


Viewers should share the film’s beauty

and what it was Isabel could see

plus how she suffered and believed.

Do this and I will be relieved!

I’ve already written a review of Exposed, a murky mystery starring Keanu Reeves as a police detective trying to solve the murder of his partner. During the course of that investigation, he comes in contact with Isabel, a religious Cuban woman (Ana de Armas) living with her in-laws. That review expressed my disappointment with the film’s befuddling plot. It seemed to be two separate stories patched together, and I felt totally at a loss about what was happening on screen.

Now, after viewing Daughter of God, the director’s cut of this movie (edited by Hervé de Luze), I understand what happened -- and hope this version will be made available to other viewers so they get the opportunity to see a fascinating surreal drama, which director/writer Gee Malik Linton  envisioned. No wonder Linton withdrew his name as director of Exposed. My biggest disappointments are that so many beautiful scenes with Armas were left on the cutting room floor.      

Peter Bruyere, one of the original producers explains, “The studio simply never knew what the movie was, because they were sold something it wasn't while the movie was still being made.”

It’s encouraging to know that Bruyere and a handful of investors are willing to buy the film back from Lionsgate in order to give the public a chance to see this unique film as it was intended to be seen.

And I am happy to report that a petition to get Lionsgate to release Daughter of God in theaters has been started by a random fan. Why? Because he got a refund for Exposed -- and then had the good fortune to see Daughter of God. More power to him!

Here’s the link to that petition:

(Read my review of Exposed by clicking here.)

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