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Rated 2.98 stars
by 287 people

ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Great Cast in Murky Thriller
by Betty Jo Tucker

Thereís no way I would ever pass up a movie with Stephen Dorff, Michelle Monaghan and Willem Dafoe cast in key roles. Thatís why I was so eager to see Tomorrow Youíre Gone. Unfortunately, although these fine actors have delivered splendid performances in many other films, they get short-changed by this edgy thrillerís lack of cohesiveness and less-than-stellar production values.

Dorff (Brake) plays ex-con Charlie, whoís just out of prison and indebted to the guy who saved his life, portrayed by Dafoe (Shadow of the Vampire). In order to payback this favor, Charlie agrees to murder someone for him. With a friend like that, who needs enemies -- right?

Still, an enigmatic woman played by Monaghan (Trucker) definitely livens things up for Charlie as he ponders his gloomy mission. This lovely, mysterious lady thinks Charlie is basically a good person down deep, and their unusual relationship seems to bring about a change in him. And yet, are certain things really happening or is Charlie disintegrating mentally?  

As the poet Robbie Burns warns us, our best-made plans can sometimes go awry. And when such a misfortune happens to Charlie, he realizes the situation not only puts his own life in danger but also threatens the woman heís come to care for. So what is Plan B?

Partly because of my own hearing problem, I had trouble understanding much of the dialogue in this gritty film. The disruptive background sounds and musical choices didnít help either. Also, many of the scenes are so dark itís hard to see whatís happening on screen. Having to strain extra hard to see and hear usually takes me out of a movie, which interferes considerably with my enjoyment of the story. Sadly, that occurred too often while watching Tomorrow Youíre Gone. And so, dear reader, this movie deserves one of my infamous film poems.


Killing someone,

to pay a debt

can cause great grief

you wonít forget.


Dorff does his best

to make us care

for this ex-con

with sins to bear.


Michelle looks great

and oozes lust.

Too bad her voice

sounds soft as dust.


And whereís Dafoe?

Heís not here much.

This film needs him

plus his weird touch.


With lots of tales

that could be told,

why film this one

that leaves us cold?


(Released by RLJ Entertainment; not rated by MPAA.)

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