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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Dr. Ravi to the Rescue
by Betty Jo Tucker

In If It Ainít Broke, Break It, one of the characters asks Dr. Ravi Godse, ďWith a friend like you, who needs enemies?Ē Thatís a fair question, for Ravi is up to his old tricks again. Happily, he makes us chuckle even more here than in his first two films -- Dr. Ravi & Mr. Hyde and Iím A Schizophrenic and So Am I.

Instead of changing into a moviemaking monster or wondering about his own sanity, our hero takes on a mission to improve the lives of six friends. Why? Raviís doctor tells him he only has six months to live, so he wants to make the best of it. ďI love helping others,Ē he insists.

Raviís idea of ďhelpĒ includes misguided matchmaking efforts plus attempts to change the intelligence level of his secretary and persuading another friend to enroll in medical school. When these grandiose plans begin to unravel, Ravi refuses to give up, despite his wifeís suspicion about his strange behavior. Raviís dogged determination, off-beat humor and positive outlook are definitely something to behold.

I always look forward to a movie written, directed and starring Ravi Godse, a physician in the movie and in real life. Heís on my list of favorite independent filmmakers, and Iím so glad he plays an amusing version of himself in each film. Heís such a unique, endearing character -- faults and all!

Other cast members in If It Ainít Broke, Break It also deliver excellent performances. Standouts are darling Sabrina Bryan (TVís The Cheetah Girls and Dancing with the Stars) as Raviís cute-but- not-very-smart secretary, Rondell Sheridan (TV's Thatís So Raven) as a genial guy not suited for medical training, and the always  believable Richard Kind (A Serious Man) as Raviís nose-to-the-grindstone lawyer. Kind is especially intriguing when his stuffy character starts taking a poetry class (at Ravi's suggestion). But the biggest acting surprise in this gem of a comedy involves Steve Guttenbergís (Police Academy) humorous turn as a poetry instructor, an example of daring against-type casting that actually works. Also, gorgeous newcomer Robyne Parrish lights up the screen as a key victim of Raviís matchmaking schemes. And Chris Procopio's original music deserves recognition for adding considerably to the film's charm.   

Will Ravi live beyond six months?

How will his friends react to the way he meddled in their lives?

Will Raviís short-tempered wife (Adrienne Wehr) finally understand his good intentions?

Does anyone benefit from Raviís mission?

Itís great fun finding out the answers to those questions!

If It Ainít Broke, Break It makes us laugh at the quirks of human nature. But it also gives us something important to think about: assuming responsibility for someone elseís happiness may be too risky -- even for Dr. Ravi.        

(Released by Panorama. Premiering at the Three Rivers Film Festival on Friday, November 6, 2009. Not rated by MPAA.)

For more information about this film, please click here. Listen to Dr. Ravi's BlogTalkRadio interview here. 

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