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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Super Break-Up
by Betty Jo Tucker

If the woman you’re dating happens to have super powers, better think twice before breaking up with her. She might toss a huge shark at you, hurl your car into outer space, crash through your roof in a rage, terrorize your co-workers and engage in other vengeful activities. That’s what Jenny Johnson, a.k.a. “G-Girl,” does in My Super Ex-Girlfriend.  

In the title role of this romantic comedy/fantasy, Uma Thurman channels the anger from her Kill Bill character, then turns it into hilarious outbursts of feminine rage against the man (Luke Wilson) breaking up with her. She’s quite funny playing an emotionally needy woman who’s been given incredible powers but tries to keep them secret.

Like Clark Kent, G-Girl wears dark-rimmed glasses until turning into her super hero character and undertaking such dangerous missions as destroying sky-bound objects that could devastate an entire city. And, like Superman, what G-Girl wears -- though much more fashionable -- shouts “superhero.” The wonderful costumes by Laura Jean Shannon (Elf) help us understand G-Girl’s character arc. As our superhero becomes more vengeful, she even looks tougher. According to Shannon, “She starts getting a little more ‘commando.’ We cover her up more, adding a hood, then an Yves St. Laurent-designed military jacket, which had a sculptured couture feel.”  

“I’ve never had more fun making a movie,” Thurman declares. “”You don’t often see a female lead like Jenny. She’s angry most of the time, and that was great fun to play. Ivan Reitman (the director) encouraged me to play Jenny as broadly as possible and to take the risk of making the character seem like a fool.”

Luke Wilson (Hoot) is charming here as Thurman’s straight man. With his simple everyman appeal, he makes us feel sorry for Matt Saunders, the good-natured architect he plays. Egged on by a lecherous co-worker (Rainn Wilson of TV’s The Office), Matt starts dating Jenny, and seems happy about it at first. After all, she’s pretty, intelligent and has an important job in an art gallery. However, it doesn’t take long for him to realize something isn’t quite right about her. She’s too clingy, talks too much and seems very aggressive -- almost painfully -- where sex is concerned. Upon learning Jenny’s secret, Matt can’t help feeling excited about having a relationship with the powerful G-Girl, but this doesn’t last long. And besides, he’s fallen for Hannah (Anna Faris, from Just Friends), an adorable office colleague.

“It’s a very relatable story,” Wilson says. “Everyone’s been through a rocky relationship, and Matt and Jenny’s connection is definitely rocky -- and then some.”

Matt finally turns to Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard), the film’s villain, to help solve his problem. Jenny and Bedlam share a past together, and the Professor wants to neutralize G-Girl’s powers, so the two men have something in common. It’s amusing to watch their best laid plans go awry, even though Izzard’s (The Cat’s Meow) character fails to project enough evil to evoke the appropriate hissing. I think Thurman's explosive G-Girl deserves a more dynamic super villain than the relatively mild Professor Bedlam.   

Of course, as in all superhero films, it’s necessary to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Happily, Thurman’s entertaining performance and a story with only a few dull moments made this a very easy task for me.

(Released by Twentieth Century Fox and rated “PG-13” for sexual content, crude humor, language and brief nudity.)

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