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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Another Horror Hunt
by Betty Jo Tucker

As you know from our last appointment, lots of eerie horror flick reviews are lurking in our ReelTalk archives just waiting to scare unwary visitors. Admit it -- you love to be frightened, donít you? I thought so. Thatís why you decided to come back, isnít it? Then let me be your guide again as you search for more gems of terror. But take this candle -- itís darker than ever down here now.   

As I mentioned during your previous visit, after we locate the films, all you have to do is click on the titles to read the reviews. Now watch your step. This rickety old ladder hasnít changed a bit. Okay. Here we are on Level One. As you probably remember, the relatively newer reviews are kept here  Ė including Adam Hakariís The ABCís of Death, Donald Levitís I Saw the Devil, and Frank Wilkinsís Sinister. Simply thinking about those three films causes chills to run up and down my spine.

You want more? Well, you know the drill by now. Brush away those cobwebs and follow me to Level Two. Hey, stop right there! I canít believe you almost let our candle flame die like you did before. Please be more careful here. Now this is Level Two, the one Ė as you know -- devoted completely to horror expert Adam Hakari, The Mad Movie Man. Reviews of Prince of Darkness, Curse of the DeadThe WolfmanNightmare on Elm Street and many more are all around us. No, of course we canít turn back! I thought you would be braver this time. Try to remain calm, thereís only one more level to go.      

Thatís better. Glad you stopped being such a wimp. The good news is weíve made it to Level Three without getting bit by those dreadful bats. Hereís where we still keep the rest of the horror reviews Ė even my own for films like Let Me In, The Last Exorcism, Donít Be Afraid of the Dark, Final Destination 5, and Legion. Right behind that creepy spider over there lies Donald Levitís critique of Dead Snow and Frank Wilkinsís review of The Woman in Black. There are many more here, of course, as you can tell Ö. IF YOU HADNíT LET THAT DARN CANDLE GO OUT AGAIN.


Itís no use. Weíre stuck here until someone finds us -- just like last time.

Oh well. Happy Halloween anyway.

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