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Ringing in January Film Fare
by Betty Jo Tucker

Always the eternal optimist, I canít help looking forward to the movies scheduled for release in January. Granted, the first month of each year isn't known as a time for films of high quality opening in our multiplexes, but there may be a potential winner or two in the line-up this time. Check out the list below for whatís scheduled in January -- and remember, release dates are always subject to change.       


One Missed Call. Edward Burns and Shannyn Sossamon star in this remake of a Japanese horror film. How would you feel if you started receiving voice-mails from your future self, and these messages are about your own death? Be afraid, very afraid.  


27 Dresses. Helping others with their weddings hasnít helped Katherine Heiglís character find romance of her own in this romantic comedy co-starring James Marsden (who was absolutely wonderful in both Hairspray and Enchanted).

First Sunday. Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan play best friends who try to rob the neighborhood church in this comedy about crime and redemption.

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. This fantasy film follows a man who sets out to rescue his kidnapped wife from a race of animal warriors and to avenge the death of his son. Jason Statham, Claire Forlani, LeeLee Sobieski, and Burt Reynolds are members of the excellent cast. Ray Liotta also appears as the villain, which is reason enough to see this one.  

The Pirates Who Donít Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie. Eat your heart out, Jack Sparrow!  Three lazy misfits travel back in time to save a royal family from an evil tyrant in this animated movie. Who knew being a vegetable could be so adventurous?


Cassandra's Dream. Filmmaker Woody Allen takes on a crime drama with help from stars Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor as brothers who become rivals.

Cloverfield. Another monster attack in New York?  Yes, and we do love our monster stories!

Fanboys. Nerdy fans decide to steal an early copy of The Phantom Menace for their dying friend, so they go to Skywalker Ranch to carry out their robbery plan. Will the Force be with them? The cast includes Kristen Bell, Sam Huntington, Seth Rogen, Dan Fogel and Carrie Fisher.    

Mad Money. My pick of the month stars Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton and Katie Holmes as three female employees of the Federal Reserve who plot to steal money scheduled to be destroyed. Amusing antics should ensue.


How She Moves. A passion for step dancing helps a high school student through some difficult times in this drama with Tre Armstrong and Keyshia Cole. When dancing fills the screen, Iím a happy camper, so this little offering is definitely on my must-see list.  

Meet the Spartans. 300 it isnít, but there should be lots of laughs watching a comedy that pokes fun at that ultra-serious action film.

Rambo. Written, directed and starring (of course!) Sylvester Stallone, this action drama brings back iconic hero John Rambo. Heís in Thailand this time, hoping to find a group of Christian aid workers who appear to have gone missing.   

Untraceable. Technology raises its ugly head in this thriller starring Diane Lane as an FBI agent. Sheís trying to find a serial killer whoís found out how to involve viewers in committing murder by watching it on the Internet. Whatís next -- death by Blackberry?

HAPPY NEW YEAR, movie fans!

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