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Please Don't Remake These Movies
by Betty Jo Tucker

Dear Hollywood Filmmakers,

Sorry itís too late to ask that no one consider remaking the 1949 Best Picture Oscar winner, All the Kingís Men, but I hope Iím still in time to make a similar request for a few other great films. I decided to write this letter while the lethargic, ponderous, incoherent and fuzzy-looking 2006 version of Robert Penn Warrenís novel is fresh in my mind.  

Although the earlier movie won three Oscars -- Best Picture, Best Actor (Broderick Crawford) and Best Supporting Actress (Mercedes McCambridge), this remake should come up short during the upcoming awards season. Sean Penn, who plays flamboyant Louisiana governor Willie Stark, looks -- in some scenes -- like heís wearing a black floor mop on top of his real, much lighter, locks. Thatís very distracting, of course, but not as off-putting as his constant flailing of arms when YELLING out speeches in an unintelligible Southern drawl. 

Jude Law, so charismatic in other movies like Cold Mountain and Alfie, almost fades into the woodwork as a journalist who admires Stark when he first starts out, then later comes to work for him, and ends up with an assignment to dig up dirt on Judge Irwin, played by Anthony Hopkins, the man who practically raised him.

Also, unfortunately, Kate Winslet, as Jude Lawís love interest, just seems listless most of the time. And James Gandolfini, portraying a crooked politician, lacks the intensity he always brings to The Sopranos. In fact, thereís no energy in this entire remake. It left me wondering why the project was given a green light in the first place -- which brings me back to my initial request.    

Please, I beg of you, donít consider remaking the following films:


Singiní in the Rain

Citizen Kane

Gone with the Wind


Night of the Hunter


To Kill a Mockingbird

Days of Wine and Roses

Blade Runner

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

Betty Jo Tucker


(Poster: 1949 All the King's Men, released by Columbia Pictures.)

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